Do Escorts Really Have Orgasms?

post-144532-0-72676300-1411501341The world of escort agencies has become popular in recent times and offers a way for individuals to unwind and meet beautiful women that they can spend time with. This may either involve getting to know one another or may proceed to more intimate experiences such as foreplay and sex. However, many individuals question the enjoyment that an escort has when they are carrying out the work. One of the main questions is that of whether escorts have orgasms, or whether they fake it in order to impress the client. In this article we will take a look at several things to consider when an escort is on the job and we will also outline whether an escort tends to have an orgasm during the experience of sex.

Many men have a sense that they are good in the bedroom, but this may not always be true and when an escort has been paid to pleasure a man, they may be forced to pretend that they are having an orgasm when they are in fact not. Different escorts carry out the job in a different way and some have a genuine enjoyment for the act of sex. It is these escorts that will genuinely have an orgasm and will not fake it to please the client. However, there are also escorts which stick to a set routine and will carry out a procedure when they work with a client. It is usually these escorts that may wish to fake the orgasm, so as to keep their procedure intact and not upset the customer. However, this may be misleading to the customer as it will make him think that he is doing a better job then he may actually be doing.

This then leads to the question of whether the escort actually enjoys carrying out the procedures, or is doing it for the money as the main reason. It can sometimes be easy to tell if an escort is genuinely enjoying the experience, or if they are following a set routine. This will also give a clue as to whether they have a genuine orgasm or not. Those that are more relaxed and willing to enjoy the sex will ask the client what he desires and will then try and meet his needs. An escort that is following a set routine would usually carry out things in her own way and will not give the customer as much room to try different things. It is these skills that are more likely to fake an orgasm and be less open to the sexual experience.

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