London escorts have some masturbation secrets you don’t know

This is not a secret that masturbation is one of the safest and easiest methods of having sexual pleasure for men and women both. Also, many men and women can have this opinion that they know every secret about masturbation. However, if they will have a talk with London escorts, then they will realize that many things are there that can be a big secret about this subject. When people do London escorts masturbationthe masturbation, then most of them prefer to do it in speed so they can have the bliss as soon as possible. But London escorts would recommend you to do just reverse to this.

London escorts might suggest you to slow down the process for having more pleasure. This method is called as edging and in this method you need to start and stop the masturbation to extend the time of pleasure and bliss. This is a secret that many people do not know, but London escorts are well aware of it. Also, if you will follow this suggestion, then it can actually help you have more strength in your real sex as well. So, if you have not tried this, now is the time to try this method for your solo fun.

Change of hand is another thing that you need to try to have more pleasure with masturbation. In fact, many London escorts would share this secret with you for enhanced pleasure. London escorts firmly have this opinion that if you would try the non-dominant hand for your solo pleasure then you will be able to have more fun in it. Other than this, they may also recommend you to use some tools for same. I agree this is not a secret that tools can help you have more pleasure in masturbation, but London escorts might help you find the right tools for same.

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