Escorts recommend these masturbation tips to all the hot babes

Many hot babes love to do masturbation as that is the safest and most simple method having sexual enjoyment. Also, most of the hot babes do it in the same way and they get similar pleasure with the. But if they will have a talk with escorts, then beautiful escorts would recommend hot babes to follow below mentioned tips while having pleasure by masturbation.

Escorts masturbation hot babesReduce the speed: In masturbation, people try to finish the complete act as soon as possible and same is the case with hot babes as well. But escorts recommend them to slow it down. They suggest all the girls to try to stop and start method while having solo satisfaction. This simple trick can extend the time and it can enhance the pleasure as well for them.

Use some toys: Escorts also recommend hot babes to use some toys for their masturbation. Sexy escorts suggest all the girls use different kind of toys that can include different things in it. These toys can include anything in it and ideally you should choose one that gives more pleasure to you. Also, if you want you can use your toothbrush, massager or something else as a toy for your solo pleasure. Other than this, a market is full of such toys, so you can just find one as per your choice and you can have the pleasure easily in your masturbation.

Don’t mind shouting: When you do the solo enjoyment thing, then you try to keep your mouth shut. You worry about others opinion and this one thing reduces the pleasure for you. All the escorts recommend that hot babes should not try to suppress their moaning in their mouth. Instead of that they can turn on the volume of speak and they can moan as loudly as they want while masturbation. This loud moaning can also help them have better fun and satisfaction.

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